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 The Four Clans

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PostSubject: The Four Clans   Sun Sep 18, 2011 4:44 pm

Years ago, Thunder, Wind, River and Shadow came together to survive the many hardships and trials of the forest. These are the four clans and their leaders.

Thunderclan~Well known for hunting and fighting in dense undergrowth. The past leaders of Thunderclan are Thunder, Owlstar, Whitestar, Finchstar, Vinestar, Redstar, Pinestar, Sunstar, Bluestar and Firestar. This site is based off a time years after Firestar's death.

Riverclan~Well known for being able to swim and catch fish in the River. The past leaders are River, Emberstar, Darkstar, Dewstar, Reedstar, Ivystar, Talonstar, Hailstar, Crookedstar, Leopardstar and Mistystar.

Windclan~Well known for living on the moors. The past leaders are Wind, Gorsestar, Duststar, Birchstar, Swiftstar, Heatherstar, Tallstar and Onestar.

Shadowclan~Well known for being dark and mysterious. The Past leaders are Shadow, Snowstar, Flowerstar, Ripplestar, Yellowstar, Raggedstar, Brokenstar, Nightstar, Tigerstar and Blackstar.

All four clans are loyal and strong but all fall and fight at times. Remember the clans to keep the wild alive.

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The Four Clans
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