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PostSubject: Stormrunner~~~~   Stormrunner~~~~ I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 04, 2011 9:52 pm

Your Username: XxJasperxX

Your Cat's Name: Stormrunner

Your Cat's Gender: Tom

Your Cat's Age: 37 Moons

Your Cat's Fur Color: Russian Blue (Smoke Gray)

Your Cat's Eye Color: Bright Gold

Your Cat's Clan: Thunder

Your Cat's Personality: Kind but may have a temper

Your Cat's Scars: Scared Ears

Your Cat's Rank: Warrior

Your Cat's Markings: None

Your Cat's History: Being the son of the great fallen Stoneclaw, Stormrunner has

gained the looks and the ways of his starclan warrior father. He only knows that his

father had fallen in love with a rough, whom he never meet. His mother had vanished

after she left Stoneclaw raise their only kit alone with his clan. Stormrunner soon

become a brave and noble warrior just like his great father. He only thinks of this

because it was Stoneclaw that had been his mentor and taught him most of everything

he knows today.

Your Cat's Friends:

Your Cat's Family: Father - Stoneclaw - {Decased}
Mother - Unknown - {Unknown}

Your Cat's Mate: No One

Your Cat's Crush: No One yet

Your Cat's Strengths: Strong Battle Skills

Your Cat's Weakness: Friends and Family

Your Cat's Fears: Drowning

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