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PostSubject: Brokenstar   Brokenstar I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 19, 2012 7:34 pm

Your Username: Echopaw
Your Cat's Name: Brokenstar (not from books)
Your Cat's Gender: Male
Your Cat's Age: 35 moons
Your Cat's Fur Color: Pitch black
Your Cat's Eye Color: Green
Your Cat's Clan: Shadowclan
Your Cat's Personality: Very aggressive
Your Cat's Scars: Long white scar running down from upper right shoulder blade to the upper leg
Your Cat's Rank: Leader
Your Cat's Markings: None
Your Cat's History: Brokenstar was raised by a queen that wasnt his mother and truely hated him. She raised him to hate.
Your Cat's Family: Unknown
Your Cat's Friends: His deputy
Your Cat's Mate: None
Your Cat's Crush: None
Your Cat's Strengths: Battle skills inteh dark
Your Cat's Weakness: Water
Your Cat's Fears: Water, hawks, beavers. dogs, and badgers (the normal)
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