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 Smokepool of ShadowClan

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PostSubject: Smokepool of ShadowClan   Smokepool of ShadowClan I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 16, 2012 6:28 pm

Your Username: Smokepool
Your Cat's Name: Smokepool
Your Cat's Gender: She-cat
Your Cat's Age: 16 moons
Your Cat's Fur Color: Dark gray, almost black
Your Cat's Eye Color: Dark blue
Your Cat's Clan: ShadowClan
Your Cat's Personality: Quiet, friendly, very dedicated to her work, hates battles and fights, tries to keep the peace, needs to keep things organized
Your Cat's Scars: None
Your Cat's Rank: Medicine Cat
Your Cat's Markings: Gray streak along her left hind leg
Your Cat's History: When she was barely a moon old, she was found a few tail-lengths away from the ShadowClan border, and was assumed a rogue's abandoned kit. She was raised in ShadowClan as one of their own. She grew up hating battles and didn't want to spend her life fighting, so decided to be a medicine cat instead of a warrior. She became the medicine cat apprentice and then the medicine cat 9 moons after being an apprentice.
Your Cat's Family: Unknown
Your Cat's Friends: She's friends with pretty much every cat in ShadowClan.
Your Cat's Mate: None
Your Cat's Crush: None
Your Cat's Strengths: She knows many illnesses and injuries and how to heal them
Your Cat's Weakness: She doesn't know much about fighting or hunting, and many times refuses to do both
Your Cat's Fears: Being abandoned, the Thunderpath and monsters
Other: She knows about being born outside ShadowClan, but gets a feeling that she was born in another Clan and wants to find her true family.
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Smokepool of ShadowClan
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